A Guide To New Zealand's Wines, Vineyards And Wineries

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Kiwi Vino; the Inimitable Wine of New Zealand

According to popular perceptions, fine wine is typically associated with France, Italy and the US state of California. But many of the most highly-regarded wine labels today hail from the South Pacific island nation of New Zealand.

This website is concerned entirely with the inimitable wine of New Zealand, where to find it, how to drink it, and why it has become so popular over the last two decades.

Old Country Winemaking

New Zealand boasts several distinct geographical regions known for their impressive vineyards and wineries. These include Northland, Auckland, Gisborne, Nelson, Marlborough and the Waitaki Valley.

Winemaking in New Zealand began in earnest in the mid-20th century, with the arrival of settlers from Croatia’s lush Dalmatian Coast. They brought the art of the vine with them from the old country.

Since then, local winemaking has flourished, thanks mainly to New Zealand’s unique maritime climate. What’s more, the country’s elongated north-to-south shape allows for considerable variation between its different winemaking regions.

A Growth Industry

New Zealand is internationally recognised for its excellent Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines, especially those from the fertile Marlborough region. Since the turn of the millennium, in fact, the country’s domestic winemaking industry has grown by an average of 17 per cent each year.
This website provides a host of relevant facts and figures for anyone with interest in New Zealand’s thriving wine sector. And one doesn’t have to be a wine connoisseur to appreciate all the interesting articles written by people passionate about the subject presented herein.