Brent Rands (co-owner) Finalist in Matua Sommelier of the Year, 2000. Industry experience began in 1993 with Gantleys Restaurant, followed by a season as restaurant manager at the Christchurch icon "Pescatore" before returning to take over management of Gantleys, culminating in purchasing the restaurant along with head chef Jared Aldridge in November 2003.

Head Chef and co-owner Jared Aldridge has also been at Gantleys since 1993 - a truly significant achievement in light of the transitory nature of Chef's in general and those in resort towns in particular. Staff training and management has assured that Gantleys' service standards remain at the very peak of professionalism. Jared and Brent's longevity as Head Chef and Manager respectively has guaranteed the consistency of the high quality and standard of the dining experience at Gantleys.

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